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MONDAY:    5pm - 8pm

TUESDAY:    5pm - 8pm

WEDNESDAY:    5pm - 8pm

THURSDAY:    5pm - 8pm

FRIDAY:    5pm - 8pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 5pm

SUNDAY:   9am- 5pm

My style of training focuses on teaching your dog the skills they need to calm down and cope with the world around them. It will give you and your dog the confidence you need so you can enjoy all of your adventures together by creating a personalized training plan! We can work on resolving all your dog's problems including hyperactivity, reactivity, resource guarding, barking, jumping on people, pulling on leash, etc.


If you want to set up a FREE 30-minute phone/in-person consult please fill out a brief info information sheet. We will discuss a lesson pack that will suit you and your dog's needs best. Let's get started!

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