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I contacted Jess Gorham to help me with leash training and socializing our dog, Bailey.  She taught me about dog behavior and body language and how to safely introduce Bailey to other dogs. I then asked her to teach me how to properly and gently introduce Bailey to an e-collar. With Jessica’s patience and gentle guidance, I can now let Bailey off-leash and this has changed our lives!  She can now run for the joy of running! Her recall is amazing and her confidence has increased greatly.

- Mary and Bailey


We cannot recommend working with Jess enough. Our puppy was so scared of the outside world (and stairs and floors!) that walks were unbearable and he even started to hate putting on his leash. Murray's confidence has skyrocketed since starting this program and he is ready to take on the world! His anxiety has gone down and the stairs aren't nearly as scary as they used to be. Jess has been such a pleasure to work with and you can see how much she enjoys helping Murray and us. 

- Sara and Murray

Jess has been wonderful to work with! Moose is a highly reactive dog who we adopted/rescued last year.  We had tried several other types of training but never really noticed any significant changes in his reactivity.  Jess introduced us to TBTE and with consistent work, Moose now is often in a much calmer state of mind and can enjoy life more.  We recently started working with Jess on the e-collar and our progress is astounding!  Not only has Jess helped Moose relax and enjoy life more, but through her supportive and encouraging ways she has built our confidence and helped decrease our anxiety as owners.  

- Carol and Moose


     Working with Jess has been absolutely transformative for our family. We reached out initially to address issues we were having with our 2-year-old rescue, Koda. Koda is a very gentle and affectionate dog but had a very hard time relaxing and following basic commands after we brought home a new baby.  A few weeks after working with Jess, it was like we had a new dog! Koda learned how to relax on his own and we were able to set boundaries in a way he could understand. What I love most about working with Jess is her gentle approach and how in tune she is with a dog's emotional state. She was able to tell how Koda was responding to training and we adjusted his plan as we went along. She is also incredibly patient and takes the time to answer any questions that we've had along the way, with no judgment. I've learned so much about my own dog from working with her. After completing the foundations program, we have started her e-collar program. I've always been hesitant about e-collars but I felt confident in this next step for Koda based on how gentle her approach has been to date. So far he is doing great! I highly recommend Jess to anyone searching for the perfect dog trainer. 

- Carrie and Koda

Jess has been the best trainer, cheerleader, and wealth of knowledge during Stroods and I’s journey. I contacted Jess after bringing a new baby into the home and really needing to find a way to safely integrate Stroods into the dynamic. She explored SO many wonderful options with us, introduced the e-collar, spent one on one time working with Stroods, integrated him into day school, and then ultimately “graduated” Stroods onto a reliable off-leash day camp to romp around with new friends. Jess is amazing at what she does and cares so deeply for the dogs she works with, as well as the humans (that ultimately are the ones being trained.) Stroods is a confident, happy dog with boundaries and I’ve learned how to manage him safely, as a single momma, with a now toddler in my home. Do yourselves a favor and work with her - your dog will forever be changed for the better.


- Kara and Stroods


It’s so important in working with your dog to find the right trainer not only for your dog but for you! So much in your training journey with your dog is how you communicate and show up for your dog. Jess has been the perfect fit for Captain and I. She is extremely patient, welcoming, and vulnerable in her approach. Both Captain and I love our time with Jess and are learning so much!

- Jenny and Captain

We found Jess a little over a year ago when our lab Mason was around 8 months old. Mason was unfixed and getting the boot from our doggy daycare because of it. It was a blessing in disguise; Mase was overwhelmed by the chaos of traditional doggy daycare. As a covid puppy, he didn't have an opportunity to attend any group play/training classes, and going from home into a barnyard full of pups was too much for his sweet, reserved demeanor.  

I wanted a safe place for him to learn how to be himself around other dogs, to learn manners, and to have a human advocate when I wasn’t around. ENTER, Jess. Her Day School is built on compassion and attentiveness. Her pack is well mannered and respectful of each other and they learn that listening to their human and being calm leads to all the good things. Jess’s training style emphasizes skills that are useful at home and in the real world (name recognition, confidence-building, and decompression).

Mason loves his weekly visits to day school and we are lucky to have found Jess. If you’re reading this and wondering if you’re timid, shy, sweet, or lacking confidence pup will be in good hands with this human, the answer is unequivocal, YES. Stop your searching and call this woman. You won’t regret it.


- Rachel and Mason

Foster and Quattro.JPG

I highly recommend working with Jess. Our training sessions were catered to each of our dog's needs individually. Jess met both of their needs while supporting us in the challenge of integrating a second dog into our household. Jess is genuine and truly cares about our boys well being and our well-being as dog parents. I only wish I had saved myself some stress and connected with Jess sooner!

- Cary and Foster & Quattro

Jess is an incredibly kind, patient, and skilled trainer. I contacted her looking for help with my VERY reactive dog Iggy. I was feeling pretty hopeless- every time a knock came on our door he would lose it- every time a dog walked by our house he would lose it- you name the situation and you guessed it- he would lose it...leash walking = barking and lunging at every dog we passed. In our home, he would pace back and forth- not able to settle or relax. Jess listened to my concerns and helped me learn the tools I needed to help Iggy.  Honestly, I really didn't think Iggy could be any different- but after working with Jess and using the TBTE approach he is a much calmer, happier dog. He is able to relax and enjoy his life- and so am I! I am so grateful!! We still have more work to do, but we have clearly found the right path with Jess.

Iggy 1.JPG

- Christine and Iggy


Jess has been a great help with our one-year-old pup. We worked on leash training and leash pressure and now he can finally walk down the street on leash without pulling! Remarkable! Highly recommend! 

- Josie and Leo

Jessica was recommended by our vet when we first looked for a trainer for our puppy, Harlowe. She has been an amazing trainer, working both with us on specific skills and one on one with Harlowe to make him a more confident and relaxed puppy in his world. Jess is a joy to work with, and a great communicator, and her passion for working with dogs shines through every interaction.

- Shannon and Harlowe


Working with Jessica has been a treat…had never heard of Training Between The Ears. It Truly works!! – creates behavioral modifications in puppies… and works with rewards, not punishment – very effective – my Standard Poodle - Nugget was a little challenging – she thought her name was NO-NUGGET-NO! After a few weeks with Jessica, she has become easy to correct…. Jessica is very knowledgeable and fun to work with…. highly recommend…”

- Ernie and Nugget

Jess taught us how to understand our dogs. A natural consequence of this understanding is the innate desire to change our behaviors towards our dogs. The consistent application of these changes has resulted in a new level of trust with our dogs. Not only with us but with each other and the outside world. Our dog's lives have improved and thus our lives. 

- Corinn and Marco, Rosie & Casper

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