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Hi everyone! My name is Jess, and I am so excited you are here!


My goal has always been to work with dogs, and when I found myself as an undergraduate at the University of Vermont that dream only flourished. Through undergrad, I worked at local daycares for 3+ years where I learned so much about dog behavior, socialization, play, and body language. It was there I realized spending my days with dogs was definitely what I was meant to do!

Over the past few years, I received my Bachelor of Science in both Animal Science and Psychology. I have also had the wonderful opportunity of completing the My Dog Camp course, and the My Dog Trainers course through Vermont Dog Pack. I am certified in pet CPR and first aid, and am a seasoned dog handler that wants to meet and be there for you and your pup!

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Sturge is my 5-year-old rescue boxer and has been my coworker, adventure buddy, and best friend from day one. 

I adopted Sturge through a local rescue after graduating from college, and he has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is hilarious, smart, handsome, and I have learned so much from him. His favorite activities are trick training and hiking!

Sturge came to me with reactivity, and dog socialization issues. Throughout my personal training with Sturge, we found and followed a behavior modification program that absolutely changed his life. Once seeing the amazing effects of this program on my own dog, I felt determined to learn how to teach other people how they could accomplish this with their dogs. Sturge has been a tremendous motivation in pursuing my career in dog training. He has come so far learning to relax, socialize, and live so freely as a dog. This training program has absolutely changed his life, and we can't wait for it to change yours!

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Pip is my rescue "island dog" from St. Croix. Pip joined the pack when she was just 4 months old in September of 2020, and has been the absolute best addition!


Pip was raised using the exact behavior modification system I want to teach all of you! At just over a year old she can walk beautifully on leash, is off-leash reliable, is socially mature with dogs and people, and can enjoy all of the fun events Vermont has to offer like the Farmer's Market, Church Street, etc. Prioritizing her emotional well being, developing coping strategies, and promoting relaxation has given her the tools she needs to navigate our human world.


Pip is a high drive lady who enjoys game play like no other! Her favorite being a good game of tug - but we are also dipping our toe into agility, and have started drag work (weight pull) together. 


Pip has been a wonderful asset to helping client dogs learn to socialize, walk by other dogs, practice recall, etc. And her and I can't wait to meet and help your pup too!

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You can follow Sturge and Pip's life on Instagram @sturge.and.pip

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